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Top quality soft fruit plants Direct from the propagators

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*Vibrant - NEW! Organic

*Vibrant - NEW!

Vibrant has an upright habit and produces attractive, glossy berries. The sweet and juicy fruit is dark, regular in shape and a good size. It is moderately resistant to Powdery Mildew but susceptible to Verticilium Wilt. It is well suited for 60-day cropping and may need fleecing to protect early flowers.
Runners BareL. Oct - MayEarlyYear 1PHPS Certified Protected OrganicStrawberries

Ref: VIB

Check Availability Aug 2017

*Vibrant - organic - 1x5 plants (+9.25)
*Vibrant - organic - 1x10 plants (+14.50)
*Vibrant - organic - 1x20 plants (+27.05)
*Vibrant - organic - 1x30 plants (+37.10)
*Vibrant - organic - 1x40 plants (+45.70)