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Top quality soft fruit plants Direct from the propagators

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*Judibell Organic


Judibell has a unique cropping slot which extends the picking season well into August, and produces sweet, juicy berries of uniform shape. It has good disease resistance to Verticillium Wilt and Crown Rot, but some susceptibility to Powdery Mildew when under stress. Because of its late season, it remains dormant until May. It can tolerate wetter conditions and is great for organic growing.
Runners BareL. Oct - MayLateYear 1PHPS Certified Protected RHS AGM  OrganicStrawberries


Check Availability Aug 2017

*Judibell - organic - 1x5plants (+9.25)
*Judibell - organic - 1x10 plants (+14.50)
*Judibell - organic - 1x20 plants (+27.05)
*Judibell - organic - 1x30 plants (+37.10)
*Judibell - organic - 1x40 plants (+45.70)