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Top quality soft fruit plants Direct from the propagators

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Invicta - low input Low Input

Invicta - low input

A very high yielding culinary variety, which produces large, fleshy, smooth skinned, pale green berries, great for cooking and freezing. The fruit has a lovely flavour when fully ripe. It's a vigorous grower with spiny wood and good Mildew resistance, and is easy to grow as a bush or cordon. It is a very popular variety. Not certified organic, only available as low-input bushes this season.

Year 1 BareNov - MarMidYear 1Certified Material RHS AGM  Low-Input

Price: (2 or fewer items) 12.15

Price: (3 to 6 items) 10.10

Price: (7 or more items) 9.50

Ref: INVc

Check Availability Aug 2017